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About DSG

Dream Sporting Gear, or DSG was founded a decade ago in Pune. DSG started from humble beginnings, as an offshoot of superbike sales outlet Dreambikes. In early 2006, DSG were virtually the pioneers for riding safety gear in India, with a clear goal to make biking safer and build awareness. This was a time of virtually no awareness of riding gear here, or its availability, when the superbike culture was just starting to pick up.


By October 2006 DSG had tied up as sole associate to Alpinestars, representing this global leader for their premium riding safety gear across India. It’s been a decade long partnership, with no looking back as DSG has gone from strength-to- strength. DSG stands out as a more affordable, tailor made for India range of riding gear, while Alpinestars catered to big bike owners and motorcycling professionals, who acknowledge the value and unmatched safety only such top-of-the-line safety apparel can provide.

DSG branded gear has been specially designed keeping in mind the individual requirements of Indian riders, and our unique riding conditions, with improvements incorporated over the years. DSG apparel is all hand-stitched using select raw materials, with robust build quality to provide solid durability and ample safety. DSG has from day one tried to cater to price-conscious riders, looking for quality safety riding gear.