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Motorex is a Swiss oil blending and manufacturing company located in Langenthal, Switzerland. It is currently the largest oil blending and manufacturing company in Switzerland and ships to over 75 countries.

Motorex is owned by the Bucher AG Group which also holds two more affiliate companies namely Motorex-Toptech and the Bucher AG Langenthal. 

Throughout the past years, the Motorex Racing Laboratory has managed to develop, together with leading racing teams, special racing products. These products are oils which have been optimized for racing purposes and as such have efficiency as their primary goal.

Motorex are sponsoring professional racing teams in many motor sports. For example KTM Factory (RR, MX, Enduro, Rally), Team Bollinger Switzerland (Endurance), Yoshimura Suzuki (AMA SBK)

In summer 2010 they produced a world first in cooling lubricants. SWISSCOOL TRESOR PMC (Precious Metal Catalyst) is the first cooling lubricant concentrate that is able to control bacteria growth without using any problematic ingredients. The emulsion contains bioactive precious metal catalysts which impede and sustainably limit bacterial growth over long periods of time. This is not only important due to environmental reasons but also because skin irritations such as rashes are no longer a problem for users.